‘Drawing has always been my way of making sense of things. When I see something that makes an impression on me, or when I don't understand something, I make a drawing to try to make sense of it.
Drawing and painting is my window to the world. And it is also the window through which I share my observations, thoughts, and ideas with others’.

Wim van Loon’s art can roughly be divided into two themes: 'people' and 'places’. (And occasionally, looking at art itself, he tackles a classical theme.)
'People' can be portraits of individuals or groups. It is about an individual, representing a person, but also about what he calls 'the group individual'. We all feel and try to be unique. On the other hand, the way we look and behave is influenced by our surroundings, our upbringing, by a sense of wanting to belong, by ideas, politics, or even hero worship. 'Group individual' is in that way a contradiction in itself.
In 'places' he largely shares his observations, his look at what he sees around him, his fascination with the rhythms, order, and chaos of nature and non-natural surroundings.

Van Loon’s work can be a single image, or it can be a 'construction' of several smaller parts. In his drawings, he often makes use of printmaking techniques, to have the option of working in series, and so approach a theme in different ways. He works in a 'layered' way, slowly building up and optimizing a painting or drawing.

In a way, Wim van Loon’s art is an invitation. he invites you to share his observations, feelings, and thoughts.

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Mail: mail@wimvanloon.nl

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